Ethics Statement

Ethics Statement

As in all of life there are gray areas in the practice of a relationship and this especially holds true for Life Coaches.  My promise to you is:

  • If I begin to feel that I am nearing the boundary that would move our relationship into an area that is not beneficial to you, me, and to your goals, I will communicate that to you so that you understand why I will not cross that boundary as soon as I can.
  • If you feel that I have crossed a boundary we have agreed upon will or should not be crossed, you will communicate this to me as soon you can.
  • In all other aspects I will work hard to follow the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of ethics and pledge:

As an ICF coach, I acknowledge and agree to honor my ethical and legal obligations to my coaching clients and sponsors, colleagues, and to the public at large. I pledge to comply with the ICF Code of Ethics and to practice these standards with those whom I coach, teach, mentor or supervise.

If I breach this Pledge of Ethics or any part of the ICF Code of Ethics, I agree that the ICF in its sole discretion may hold me accountable for so doing. I further agree that my accountability to the ICF for any breach may include sanctions, such as loss of my ICF Membership and/or my ICF Credentials.

For details as to what the ICF Code of Ethics is please click here:

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