Core Values

Core Values

Integrity and Excellence

My values and beliefs must be practiced – acted out – in my personal and professional life.  My coaching will reflect those beliefs and values.

The Blue Sky promise to you is that we will deliver quality coaching and consulting as you – we – design the product you want to have delivered.


When we enter a coaching relationship my commitment to you, my client, is to help you gain the tools and resources you need so that you may decide what your path is, how you want to navigate your path, so that you can meet your goals and live your life your way.


As your coach, my leadership style is one that is servant based because you are the driver of your bus and I’m a passenger on your bus for support.

Collaboration – Teamwork 

We are a team.  We work together with each of us having different roles and expectations.  You are the leader of the team, and while I follow you, I ask the tough questions, powerful questions, so that you explore issues from multiple perspectives so that you are prepared for both the positives and as many negatives as possible regarding the decisions you make.

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