My coaching uses the tenets of positive psychology by focusing on your strengths and creativity to help you achieve your goals.  Your life your way is the only way to live.

We help people like you, your children, and organizations like yours, reach personal, educational, and professional goals by facilitating the growth of your ideas into a strong vision then helping you
make your vision real.

I am a generalist as a coach.  This means that I have a lot of interests, varied life experiences, and a lot of dreams I’m working towards.  They are part of what makes me unique and a good coach and inform my coaching practice.   Being a generalist gives me the freedom to coach anyone whether they are children through oldest aged people.

My coaching strengths, however, lie in transitions coaching, academic coaching, and small business and leadership coaching.

Transitions Coaching

Transitions are often difficult to maneuver whether they deal with life or career changes.  The choices can feel overwhelming and advice from family and friends often adds to our confusion.

An example that may resonate is the transition process Veterans have to go through to re-acclimate themselves to life outside the military. It often is a difficult and daunting process.  While I am not a Veteran, I am a veteran of transitions.

Transitions are one of life’s persistent processes because we all go through them.  Here are some other examples of transitions:

  • Divorce
  • Adoption
  • Moving to a different school due to moves to different cities, states, and parts of town
  • School Rezoning
  • Beginning or exiting elementary, middle, high school, and college


Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching is a one-on-one, interactive process of helping someone examine academic concerns, and perceived barriers to their success. The coach engages the student, and his or her parents if a minor, to think about his or her personal and/or professional goals in order to relate them to their academic/educational goals.

Schooling and learning is not stress free. There are many transitions to navigate at all levels of academics whether entering middle school, high school, and college.  I work with children, their parents, and adult students in their quest for the kind of education they envision for themselves.

Dissertation Coaching works in a similar way as all other coaching.  It is based on the relationship between student and coach.  If you answer yes to even one of the questions listed here, please consider calling a Dissertation Coach.

  • Do you feel a bit lost without external deadlines?
  • Do you suffer from writer’s block or inability to focus?
  • Could you use support in figuring out any of the steps in the whole process?
  • Is your progress stalled by poor communication from your advisor?
  • Are you beginning to doubt your ability to finish your dissertation?

For clarity, here is what Dissertation and Academic Coaching is not. 

Dissertation Coaching is not about helping someone choose a research methodology, discuss the merits of one research methodology over another, or editing the dissertation, and academic coaching is not a tutor or homework helper.

Business Coaching

A business coach focuses on business-related coaching and works with business owners independently.  A trained business coach works with clients on a variety of goals, strategy building and implementation, improving the organization, identifying markets and market needs, and boosting the overall performance of a business.  In addition, a business coach helps their clients to both problem-pose and problem-solve any future events as they arise.



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